Naomi Alexander ROI

Naomi Alexander: 'Rooftops' (Chatsworth House)

'Rooftops I'

Dr. Crippen's Best Friend Grandma Leah
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Late Duke and Naomi Alexander
The Late Duke of Devonshire with Naomi
at the opening of 'The Attics of Chatsworth' exhibition,
Buxton Museum in 2000

'Having spent 2 years exploring and painting the attics, covering 2 acres of rooftops, freezing at times, with water dripping on me at other times, I completed my residency in the Attics of Chatsworth at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.

I was delighted to be exploring, discovering and painting history untouched at times for 200 years and more. Often valuable artefacts were disintegrating and I would report to the Duke what I found. Sometimes I was very lonely in those cold damp rooms, but I retain so many fond memories.'    Naomi Alexander

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